“And baby without you,

Why would I carry on and on and on and on..”

As he hit the final note, Sam felt the crimson trickle warm the back of his throat. The desultory arms of the wretched brown wall clock hit two o’clock in the morning, and he recieved a fugacious round of applause from Fat Tom who was rampaging on his beer, and a piece of old coin from drunk Cloon. Old man Der was swiftly cleaning the bar, throwing the oafs back to the streets, back to their wretched families. He gave a light smirk as Sam and his lead guitarist, Todd made way to get their humble pay. 

“Ye, call that singin’? My old chap could beat a better tune” 

he spat, as he handed out a few dollars. Todd grimaced and walked out with his money, and Sam, after waiting for Todd to leave, looked hesitantly at Old Der.

“Wha cha looken at?” He growled, staring at Sam with a burning expression.

“Der, I-I was wondering-g maybe, I could get a few bucks extra, man. It’s Lissa, she might be expecting, I need to-

“Aye, ain’t my problem” 

Der’s eyebrows knotted a long line. He gave the thin, slender figure a long look. Raven hair that fell about untidily over his reddish-brown eyes that looked completely and utterly helpless.

And then, in a second, he guffawed. 

“Ye-he-he, of course, good lad. Take something from the closet as well-keep that lass fed, aye? You owe her that much for sticking with your fucken arse”

Sam smiled a dry expression. 

“I’m sorry for the trouble, Der. I’ll pay you back as soo-

“As soon as ye land ye big gig, I know, I know” Der smiled. It wasn’t pretty, but it made Sam’s heart that much lighter. 

“Thank you, thank you, I can’t thank you enough! I don’t know what I would’ve done without you”

“Get outta here, I gotta clean this place, goddamn”  

Der smiled, pushing Sam out of the bar. 
As he felt the rubble under his worn shoes, he began to wonder of her. He smiled. Wasn’t something he did very often nowadays. He remembered the days, oh, the fine days. 

Her slender body lilting across from him, with her raven locks against her ivory skin. Her soft notes cut through the cold air dulcetly, her laugh efflorescent in the woods. He remembered looking into her dark twinkling eyes, pouring his heart out, 

“It’ll be amazing, you and me! I’ll get gigs and you can sing with me, babe!
We’ll go on a concert, singing our hearts out, me and you, traveling, going places, babe it’ll be the best life for the both of us!”

He remembered his promises. And most of all, her beautiful eyes twinkling, cupping her hands around his face and saying 

“Let’s do it. I’ll come with you”

It was the happiest day of his life. Her, sitting under a tall pine tree, adding more pine cones to the small fire that kept them warm, and scented the air with a heavenly aroma. The sun setting over the woods and bathing it in a burst of amber shades. Lissa entwining her long fingers through his, and smiling up at him with such pure innocence. Leaving all the responsibilities and bonds behind. A new life. A better life. 

And that was over 6 months ago. The warmth had faded. Frost and mist had overtaken the place. He gritted his teeth. This wasn’t the life he promised her. He promised her a good life, a happy one. Now she spends her day curled up in a ragged dirty sofa clinging on to a dirty sheet as a blanket (a gift from Der) for warmth. She can’t sing like she used to, her throat has some issues, the doctor said. And his pay wasn’t enough for him to help her with it. With her falling out, he had to make ends meet alone, and that’s when they realized that there was an newcomer to the family. He bit his lip. With his entire life, his entire soul, he loved her. Oh, he loved her. 

She was his halcyon. Her laugh-it was always so twinkly. Even when she’s in her worst conditions, she doesn’t show. But he knows. The way she tries to hide the dark crimson blotches when she coughs, which is ever so often. The way her body looks starved, she tried to cover it up with old baggy torn clothes. 

“It’s fashion, babe” she laughs. She always laughs.

“Everything will be fine, my love. You’ll get a gig soon, we’ll be fine.” She pulls him into her warmth, and he desperately wishes with his entirety that it will actually come true. Her warmth is home. Her laugh is life.

He smiles. He’s almost home. He sees her beautiful face lighting up as she sees him. 

“Saaaaam! She runs up to him and pulls him into a warm hug. He smiles.

“Why did you stay up, love? You should’ve slept, it’s cold these days. You need rest.”

She smiles. 

“Wanted to say goodnight to my perfection.”

She pulls him into the old torn up mattress. 

“It’s warmer with you.” She kisses him lightly, and rests her head on chest. He falls into a calm, deep sleep with her at her side.

A sense of warning wakes him up with a start. A raw instinct of pure terror runs through his body. 

Something’s wrong.

He looks beside him to see Lissa curled up, sleeping peacefully, and witnesses a shadow over his brow.

A dark, angry shadow. Sam discreetly gets on to his feet, spreading his arms protectively over Lissa. He swiftly scans the dingy room and sees a figure in the dark, crouched and menacing. 

“W-who are you? S-stay away from us

The man in the shadows walks out. Sam stands up straight trying to figure out what this stranger looks like, but has no luck. The terrible lighting of the room doesn’t help as well.

“Heh-you fucken idiot.”
A familiar sound whips through the air. 

“Ye think ye can provide for her?! For this family?! He snorts. 

Ye can’t. You are a loser, that’s what you are. She was better off alone. Better of without your dumbass dragging her into this hell-hole. 

“Sh-shut up” Sam mumbles. “Wh-who are you? I can’t see your face”

“Ye can’t recognize me?! Dumb moron. 
He hears terrifying guffaws that make his heart faster and faster by the second.

“I’ve told you, she deserves better, she’ll be better off with me. All ye fucken do is starve her and the kid. Give them to me. 

He smirks.

 “I’ll give them a good life. A gooooood life” 

he laughs, sending shivers down Sam’s spine.

“You will not touch her, GET THE FUCK OUT FROM MY HOUSE!” Sam yells.
“Ye-call this house? House?! 

Laughs echo through the quite empty room.

  “Ye heard me. Give her to me. Now.”
He walks out with an extremely sharp kitchen knife in hand. Sam hovers protectively over her. 
“No- no, not her. I won’t give you anything, you scum. She’s all that I have, she’s all I know, she’s my life,

 Sam bellows clutching on to the knife he picked up from the table. 

“She’s was always mine, you just never knew”

He laughed.

Anger and pain shot through Sam like a bullet through the heart.

What did you say??”

“I said.. she was mine. Even before she met you. And now, I’m back to take her with me. Back to where she belongs. I’m taking her home to me”

Sudden realization flicked across Sam’s face. 

“No. he whimpered. No. Please no, take me instead.”

YES, I’m taking her back and I’ll give a good life

The stranger stepped into the light. 

Sam felt his knees failing him. He felt the emotions rush, protective of Lissa, his baby, this was his life, but there was something that held him in place in complete and utter shock.

He looked at the stranger. 

Tall, slender. With jet black hair that fell about his reddish brown eyes that looked utterly and completely fueled by insanity. His entirety was fueled by intense anger and terrible craze.

Sam froze. “Oh no, not her, not now”


She was very beautiful. Even, now. Even when she’s lifeless with the dark eyes open. Warm crimson staining her ivory skin. Every time he pushed the knife deeper into her slender body, he watched the red stain the walls. 


“And baby without you,

Why would I carry on and on and on and on..”

He sang to her lifeless heap, as he cried tears of utter despair. Tears rolled down his cheek and he held on to her, almost as if he was expecting her to come back to life and kiss him warmly like before. He screamed and wailed, his terrible cries filling up the small room.

“Oh no, oh no no no” he screamed “whyyyy, I was getting better, she made me better, WHYYY..

You can’t be gone, baby, wake up, baby.

Baby, wake up. Baby, wake up, please. 


He took a long look at the beautiful dead corpse, and pushed it aside. His eyes were of terrible color, his mind were of terrible color. 

“Let’s bring Lissa home.

News Report

The police had finally arrested the schizophrenic serial killer terrorizing the neighborhood. The killer is said to have murdered 12 young women by stabbing and it was remarked that he was found clutching onto a 2 week old corpse while nestling her.



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