Warm crimson blood painted her pale skin as the exquisite metal ran through the soft skin. It was excruciating fire that shot up her spine as it dug deeper, the agony ablaze. She bit her raw pink lip till the crimson stained her lips as well. The desideratum to fill the open skies with her wails was overwhelming. To let her heart open, and the necessity to scream her anguish out had been building up inside of her timid heart, but she couldn’t bring herself to.

She tugged at her shiny raven locks that fell about her tiny body, as if to tear herself apart. She clawed at her heart, bathing herself with the bright crimson as she did so, her deadly white skin a canvas. Her sobs was the saddest sound that rang about in the empty dark hall, a sound of a tortured soul.

J-Jim. She sobbed. “Come back. Please. Come back”

“I’m so sorry” she wailed, staring into the eyes of a handsome youth in a photograph. He was tall, with honey brown hair complementing his caramel skin perfectly. He wore a kind smile, with a twinkle in his eyes. He looked snug in a simple grey sweater, the sweater she gave him on their first anniversary, she remembered. Tremors ran through her body as the pain shot through her again, which set her head ablaze. The agony was unbearable, the pain, the memories. All gone. He’s gone.

“He’s gone. He’s gone” She whispered to herself as if to reassure herself. Over and over again. But, it was her Jim. How could he have gone. Left her. All alone. 

He promised to never leave her. To stay forever. And now he’s gone. As she tried to steady herself, she reached to the gold heart dangling around her neck. With the sight of it, her pain efflorescented, running through her like hemlock, torturing her soul. 

“It’s for you!”

A smiling Jim had said. 

“I made it just for you! Look that’s our initials at the back”

 She remembered how happy she had been to get this, it seemed like the lagniappe in her life, ethereal and evanescent. She had sqealed in her usual innocent way, and worn it for as long as she’d been with him. Six years seemed like a long time now that she thought of it. She remembered how his eyes had shone with happiness as she’d blushed with felicity, the same eyes that watched her work at night with no complaints, running his fingers through her hair. The same eyes that shimmered as she said something dumb and laughed, the same eyes that watched her dance in the summer rain with her laughter ringing dulcetly in the sweet summer air, the same eyes that were ablaze with concern when she felt pain, the same eyes filled with terror as she ran the exquisute metal through his soft skin. The same eyes filled with affliction as she shook with insane eyes, and terrifying laughs. The same eyes that held her gaze and asked her to calm down. The same eyes that filled with absolute trauma when he realized her bottle of pills for mania was still intact. The same eyes that realized the sweet innocent girl was gone, and the demons were out. The same eyes that had pleaded for mercy as she screamed with laughter while digging into his insides. The same eyes that went still looking into her soul. The same eyes that reflected her realization, the same eyes that haunted her dreams. The same dead eyes. 


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