A swift little bird flew over Dehla’s head suddenly, reciting dulcet notes as he twirled around her. Her mocca brown eyes didn’t acknowledge the beautiful creature as they were filled with glistening moisture. She bit her lip to control herself. She couldn’t. Drops of tears flowed down her pale face, and her jet black hair was a mess in the wind, her locking flying away with the wind. She sighed, a sigh that was an epiphany of ineffable pain. She closed her eyes, as if to close the entire world around her. She felt as though it was beating her down, screaming at her,


The words screamed in her ear, too loud, too loud she couldn’t bear it. It was murmurous, echoing into her soul.

“Your fault. All your fault.”

She remembered how he smiled at her. He had the most beautiful smile she’s ever seen. He’d smile with his eyes, and then scream, 


How he held her while she was trying to surf for the first time. He promised he wouldn’t let go. And he didn’t. She felt safe with him. 

“I won’t let go, I won’t.”

She remembered how his kiss felt, as he smiled while she bit his lip, and him holding her. He was everything to her. Her whole life. She remembered waking next to him, thinking she was the luckiest girl and he had said,

“Good morning, stunner” 

He had said.


She bit her lip again. Tears were dry now, but her memory was afresh. All were now memories. 

The way he nuzzled his head on her shoulder as she fixed her hair, the way he kissed her neck and said,

“I love you”

Memories that tortured her. Memories that burnt her alive. Memories that made her do what she did. Memories that killed him. And her. Their memories. Not hers. 

Dehla remembered. Clear as day. 

The way she walked into the room, and her eyes meeting with his beautiful green ones. As he stood with his “girlfriend”, his head on her shoulder. 

She remembered him saying,

“What’s up Dehla! Sheyne was talking how you could be her maid of honor for our future wedding!”

He had smiled. She remembered how Sheyne kissed his cheek, and say,

“Of course she will! She’s my bestest friend, I wouldn’t have anyone else! She literally is with us, all the time! Basically dating us”

She had laughed. Not for long. Dehla remembered how she took the knife she was hiding behind her back. How she plunged it into Sheyne’s heart. Over and over and over. How Sheyne’s pupils dilated and the way blood gushed out everywhere. How she screamed for help and mercy. And how he tried to stop Dehla from stabbing. That’s when she felt the anger surge inside her. That’s when she pushed the blade into his heart, the heart she yearned for. The heart that made her burn in jealously. The boy of her dreams. All she wanted to was to be his. To feel his lips on hers, to hear him say that he loved her, and to wake up next to him.

She remembered how his eyes closed. And how he flopped on to the floor.

How lifeless he looked. She remembered feeling like she lost everything. 

“I didn’t mean to do it”

Her eyes were filled with insanity as she muttered this to herself. She completed this with a laugh of pure craze. A high pitched terrible wail of laughter. 

“I didn’t mean to kill him, little birdy, I wanted him but I stabbed him, HE’S GONE”

Her voice echoed down the buildings around her. Yet, she was on the tallest one. 

“If he’s gone,” she sobbed, then gave a giggle of disbelief, “I’m going to fly to him”

Then she screamed a wave of insane laughter again. 

“I will fly to him”

And she did, as she walked into air, from the fifty storied building she was standing on. 


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