The redolent, soft autumn air lilted through the copper yellow leaves, susurrously as he listened to the mellifluous sound. He smelt the pine cones and the dulcet smell of the wild flowers that were rising into their glamorous autumny form. He smiled, it was her favorite season. He envisioned her, wearing an inbricate flower-crown made of the most opulent wild flowers, white, pink, lavender, yellow, on her flowing dark locks that fell upon her back, in her pretty floral dress, her autumn dress, as she called it. He smiled to himself. Always a plethora of joy, she was.

Saaaaam!!!” A lissome figure startled him, as it locked it’s slender arms around his waist. 

Sal” He squealed happily, and pulled her arm as she set off a twinkling laugh that rippled in a waft through the woods. 

“Gotcha, dummy” She yelled childishly, her mocca brown eyes equipped with mischief. 

“Boop, gotcha noseee!” She cried as she grabbed at his nose and swiftly ran on her tip toes over the sweet smelling wild bushes. He couldn’t help but chuckle at her immaturity, and watch her as she glided across the woods in her autumn dress, her dark hair flying in the air. 

As he watched her, he felt as though he was at his halcyon, watching her slender figure gambol around the pine trees, her mocca eyes filled with ethereal content, her caramel skin complimenting the autumny woods, of gold ambience. Her dark locks flying in the autumn wind, her expression evanescent.

Her expression changed to a pleasant frown, as she demanded, 

“What, why are you staring like that?! Come get your nose before I throw it away, dumbass”

He started laughing and chasing her slender form, catching up to her in a few steps, he clasped her by her waist and twirled her around, as her twinkling laughter filled the air. 

“Gotcha, Sal. I gotcha”

“No faaaaair, you cheated” she kept laughing, the mellifluous sound taking up his universe. She kept pouting and he pulled her arm close, and whispered, “I won, nuthead, all is fair in love and war” 

“Shush” was her reply as she ran towards the small pathway through the woods. She stopped furtively, and gasped out loud.

“Sam, Sam, look!”

Her eyes were filled with awe as she gaped at the sight of her felicitation.

“Fireflies” she whispered. “Look at how beautiful they are”

The woods were erstwhile filled with fireflies, and he gaped at the sight. Not the fireflies, the eloquent sight of her surrounded by the lightened creatures. Her smile illuminated by them, her stunning features in the glow of the fireflies. She was gracefully awed. Her face lit by the ebullience that the sight brought her, as she walked into the dance of the fireflies with gorgeous awed smile. 

“Beautiful” he whispered. 

“So beautiful, aren’t they?!” She whispered back, her eyes filled with efflorescented delight, and to his surprise hugged him while it took his breath away. 

And there they stood, in the midst of the fireflies, in the comely Autumn, with the scent of the wild surrounding them like a warm blanket, with so many words left unsaid. 


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