The Moon and the Wolverine.


Above the lands of the mortals, was the enchanting realm of high Gods and Goddesses who looked over the emerald plains of fresh grass, the yellow seas of wild flowers that danced freely in the soft north wind, the deep, mesmerizing masses of water called the Oceans which shone like thousands of sapphires. The realm of Gods was a spectrum of perfect natural beauty itself, but none of this beauty could ever be compared to the Princess that adorned the realm for the jewel she was, hair of radiant white falling in long softly curled locks down her slender black, complementary to her snow-white complexion, eyes of deep, drowning molten gold. Pinkish-white full lips which were always complimented by her breathtaking smile, and her slender, tall self graceful and purely beautiful. This was none other than, Her majesty, the Princess Moon, the most beautiful of all of the realm. She was of haunting beauty, of exuding perfection. 


Many, many suitors wanted her hand, and yet, only one, just one, had her delicate, pure heart. It was her only love, The Wolverine. Of all warriors, the bravest, the sharpest, the most daring. From the first instance where the raven met the molten gold eyes, it had been something pure and while that they had shared. A love so great, a love so pure. They were two pieces of one whole, they fit as one perfect piece. They were inseparable, bound by the unyielding love they had for each other, always smiling together, being content.

This was indeed a wonderful event, but alas, sadly, this created jealously and animosity towards the Wolverine. Many had they heart burn in anger when they saw the perfect two enjoying their time, and of one, this burn turned to an open flame that burnt him alive everytime he laid his eyes on them. He was the Jester, cunning eyed, skinny and tall, and of all things he sought Princess Moon’s hand for his own. It made him terrifyingly insane and cunning after seeing the Wolverine taking her hand, and he formulated a plan to throw the Wolverine out of the picture. 

He knew, that the Wolverine would do anything to keep the Princess delighted and content at heart, so he approached the mighty Wolverine and said 

“Wolverine, did you hear? Princess Moon is said to love those Moonshine flowers that shine beneath the realm that we reside in! Those delicate flowers could adorn her white locks beautifully, do you not agree? It is said that she craves those flowers and you should get those for her for then, you’d see her smile after your act of valiant effort”

The Wolverine, as he was lost in the world of the Moon Princess took the task up easily for he wanted her to be content, and inquired from the Jester,

“Where do I find these flowers you speak of, Jester? Are they in the immortal realm for ; I shall travel however much to keep my love happy”

“Ah those flowers bloom under the mountain of dew in the mortal realm, hurry up now, make haste!

Urged the Jester. The Wolverine, flew to the land of Mortals, and walked miles and miles, in a hidden Wolfish form to hide himself from the mortals. He searched mountain by mountain, ran and ran till his feet ached of exhaustion and extreme pain, for seven long days, trying to find this Moonshine flowers. On the eighth day, he found a bunch of pure white flowers, of exceptional beauty, growing on the very top of the Mountain of dew. He gladly picked up some and was ready to leave and to bring these mesmerizing bunch of beauty to his love. 

But alas, he had forgotten, that after seven days in the mortal world without returning, Immortals would be banished from the Immortal realms. The Jester had hidden all but one bunch of flowers, knowing that it would take even the fastest of all, the Wolverine, more than seven long days to get to this bunch. The Jester’s cunning plan had yielded its results. 

The Wolverine trying to go back to the immortal realm, would try and try, but yet, the doors would open. Terrified, he screamed and wailed and yelled for his love. He wailed her name till his throat bled, till he couldn’t make a sound. But yet, would start howling her name, screaming for her to come back. To have her in his arms again,

“MOONN…. I’ve come back for you, open the gates, MOOOOOONNN”

He howled, going mad with the thought of losing her forever. He scratched the trees around him with his bare nails till they would bleed, and would scream and howl and cry till he bled from his throat. He called out for her, again and again, wanted to see her eyes one more time. Wanting to hold her close, one more time. He went to the closest end of the two realms, the tips of the mountain, and to see, there she stood in the middle of the night, her beautiful face blotted by crystal tears running down her face. Her eyes were red, and tears escaped them as she sobbed and wailed and held her hand out for him. Her silver locks falling down to show him the way. She was shaking and trembling in pain, her soul screaming out for him. 

Seeing her miserable broke the Wolverine’s heart, and he kept on wailing her name, and held his arm out, to feel her one more time, but alas, they were separated by the realms, and were never to be reunited. Princess Moon with a broken heart, pleaded her father to let him back, but he sighed sadly and said that it wasn’t possible. But yet, he placed the Princess high above the mortal realm, where she could watch over him, and once in twenty eight nights for her to communicate with him. 

The weeping Moon, renounced from the immortal realm and stood over the mortal realm, and looked over her Lover, with a heart full of pain and sadness and solemnly promised, that she would never belong to anyone else. And there she stood, her pale silver locks guiding him like her rays, protecting him.

And he, on the mortal world, with a heart of lead, wailing her name till his throat was raw, writing her name on trees in ancient writings to never forget their memories, till his nails broke and were covered in fresh blood. Calling out her name, and every twenty eighth day, he’d get on the closest point to her beautiful face and howl her name. Again and again. 


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