Hades, a love story.

At the Mount Olympus, the realm of the gods, fathered by Zeus, the King of Gods, endowed with the power of the Sky and Thunder, mothered by Demeter, the goddess of Fertility, Agriculture and Harvest, was a goddess, so pure, so breathtakingly beautiful by the name, Persephone. With her long silky brown hair falling about her pale, snow white skin complimented by eyes of liquid gold, and a musical laughter that enchanted the birds, beasts alike, she was known to be one of the most beautiful goddesses to have been gifted to the World. Her beauty was paralleled by that of Aphrodite, her aunt, and her hand was sought by many, many Gods who were mesmerized by her radiating beauty. She was a breath of life to everyone around her, and being the daughter of Demeter, every beautiful plant life around her flourished under her soft, fleeting touch. She was the epitomy of innocence, pureness in her stunning heart. 

Many, many wanted her to be their accomplice in life, but one, sought for that position with all his heart. He was the King of the Underworld, his life dark, mysterious and filled with death. Screams of terror and agony were the music where he was at, the Underworld, always trembling with the torturous screams of those here. His life spent by day after day, lonely, sad, wretched. While the gods of Olympus had their muse up above in luxury, Hades spent his in the echoing darkness, in the pit of eternal pain. Till, his eyes met with a slender lass, with her rippling laugh clutching on to a vine as she gave life to what’s around her. The tree nymphs had decorated her hair with the most fragrant of all wild flowers, and locks of her long hair fell about her face making her a sight that captivates anyone’s heart. It captivated Hades’. He watched her in hiding, and was in complete awe of innocent and purely beautiful she was. The way she kept her footsteps lightly not to wake the flower fairies, the way she healed the great trees, the way she flourished what’s around her, the way she gave life. 


Life, what was absent in his. He took it away. He kept it at bay, but her, in all her innocence, giving it back. Her laughter cheerful and bright, while his was not sounded at all. Her eyes twinkling with beauty, and his, twinkling at the sight of her.

After his black eyes met her beautiful self, his whole body felt a beautiful burst of light in his core. The wretchedness he always held on to, was slowly losing its grip on him. He felt, happy. Strange. He thought, how one individual can change an entire life. 

Oh, the Dark Lord of the Underworld had fallen madly, deeply, terribly in love with the goddess that radiates goodness and life around her. He sought her goodness for his damned heart. He wanted her, so he could hold her by his beating heart and phrase to her with magical wordings of his love. To look into her golden eyes and confess the love of his eternal life. Yet, he knew that Demeter would never agree to this union. That she’s not let her daughter be sent to the pits of the underworld. 

He thought, day after day, tried to forget her radiating beauty and kindness, but yet, it was impossible for him to forget her musical laugh. He couldn’t just forget. He wanted her to be his. His heart was raging against itself. It was an unbearable burden that he carried. He felt the torment of his longing for her, burning in his veins. He wanted her. Her, only.

He gritted his teeth, and tried to forget. It was impossible. He looked up to Mount Olympus and searched for the one who soothes his heart, and there she was, plucking wild flowers in midst of a feild, her slender body carrying her swiftly. She seemed content and her presence gave more beauty to the growth around her. He appeared in the feild, fixing his eyes on her immense beauty. The golden eyes met the dark raven.

  She gasped as she saw a tall, illuminating figure by her. And she gasped again. He was slender, tall, and his dark eyes twinkled as they met hers. Pale, radiatingly pale he was, with a prominent jaw-line which lead to his mouth which was almost a devilish smile. His dark, raven hair complimented his raven eyes, and there was a dark, captivating glow in them. He was of terrifying beauty, her eyes feasted on his dark stature. She was in awe, and quite frightened, and in wonder.


“Wh-who are you?!”

She asked curiosly, wanting to know about this dark, good-looking stranger. He just smiled, a smile that captured her whole. 

“Your future. “

He replied, with playful eyes. Her glowing pale face flushed red, and she hid her eyes. He laughed lightly, looking at her curiously,

“Would you want to come with me, my dear?”


“You’ll see”

She smiled her innocent smile at him. A warm feeling surrounded his entire body, and radiated from him. He took her hand, and they walked, in the beautiful feilds of beautiful flowers, enchantingly beautiful. 

She was cheerful and happy, talking away about things in her innocent way. He watched her beauty, sinking into her world. He knew he couldn’t let go. He knew that his heart had made the decision and that it wasn’t going to change. He held her hand, and whispered in her ear, 

“Come with me”

She just smiled timidly, and as he held her hand, they went to the depths of the underworld, to his palace. She looked around in awe, and shock, memorized by the place. She ran about, inquisitively walked about, and Hades enjoyed her beautiful sight. 

Persephone, had found the Enchanted garden of the underworld, and her, being the goddess of Harvest was thrilled to see such growth. She smiled at Hades and ran about, enjoying her time at the beautiful lively place. At a corner of the garden, she lost sight of Hades, and she kept calling out his name and looking for him, when she saw the plushest, the most beautiful, the most ripe promegante she’s seen in all of the world. She held it in her soft place hands, and was devouring the seventh seed, when Hades finds her beautiful self.

“Persephone, did you.. Did you have any seeds?!”

“Yes! These promegante are the most luxurious ones I’ve ever had!!”

She answers quite playfully. 

“My dear, this means, you can never leave the Underworld. Having any fruit from here, demands that you shall remain here. For all eternity.”

He said, terrified for her, and for the consequences that were to follow. She dropped the promegante in to the lush emerald grass around her and collapsed on to the ground.

“Oh no no no, mother. Mother. Mother. She shall grieve, she shall worry, she shall cause destruction, no no no, what have I done?! I’ve caused pain to all. No no no”

She wailed. Tears streamed down her beautiful face, and she cornered herself crying on and on. Hades comforted her, put in effort to see her smile once more, and yet he failed miserably. 

Persephone knew her birth mother, and what she’d unleash when she gets to know that her beloved daughter that she wholely loved was gone. People would suffer, and she blamed her own self for this misshap. And yet, a part of her wanted to stay in the underworld, with Hades, a new life with this person who radiated his love to her that even she felt it surround her like a warm gush of summer’s air. His tentative eyes captivated her. She felt his brokenness, and saw the beauty in it. She wanted to be his antidote. She wanted to put an end to his pain. She loved him. 


And yet, now that she was in the Underworld with no life, her soul felt drained, and she fell limp into his arms. Raging with fear and pain, he conjured the best of the healers to look after her. He held on to her hand, day after day till the healers tried to heal her from the forbidden fruit. She fixated her golden eyes on his, and radiated her beautiful presence through them. She was happy in his arms, she was content. She was healed.

Days passed, months passed, and they spent their time inseparable. She was the light to his hollowness, she was the savior from his demons. She gave life to his dead soul, and she was that warm feeling he held so dear in his heart. His darkness comforted her, his eyes were her world. As she looked up to his beautiful face and kissed him, they felt the two contrasting spectrums of light and dark collide creating a perfect balance, a perfect harmony. He was the darkness that let her glow, and she was the light to his darkness. They completed each other, they were whole. They were happy.

But, up above the Underworld, what Persephone feared the most was translating into a reality. Demeter, drunk in anger and pain walked to the corners of the worlds to find her lovely daughter. She inquired her presence from everyone and found no answers. She was raging, she was hurt and she felt a burning pain. She unleashed her wrath, casting the worst of the worst. She forbid the life to grow, no plants flourished. The seasons halted, living things ceased to grow.the earth was facing the biggest drought yet, and Demeter refused to put a stop to it unless she got her daughter back. Realizing that she was determined and there was no other choice, Zeus sent a messenger to Hades informing him of this. 

Hades, walked up to Persephone, and informed her of the terrible news. His beautiful wife broke into tears, and he held her tight in his strong arms. 

“Worry not darling, he said “with the promegante seeds you’ve had, your presence is mandatory for half the year, here with me in the Underworld. And yet, here we must say our goodbyes, my beautiful. For we are to part, for a short while. When the summer solitice is over, I shall come fetch you. I shall love you for all eternity, and you shall be the only one.”

Shaking with tears, Persephone had to take her leave from her husband. Her love. Her life. She exhaled deeply, kissed him softly and said 

“Till next time”

With a heavy heart, Hades took reunited his beautiful wife to her mother, and Demeter rejoiced by the reunion, put a halt to the dread and the destruction, and gave rise to beautiful harvest, and flourishment. And the people translated this to the Spring. And the two seasons Persophone would stay above, her mother would rejoice and the earth would flourish as the Spring and Summer, and as she bids her leave to meet her love, her mother would have a heavy heart and cause the Autumn and the Winter.

And every single time she till she returns to his arms, Hades would watch her from the Underworld, always mesmerized by her beauty as the first time he laid his eyes on her. And Persephone, would look down for him into the depths of the underworld with the same love she had the first time she laid her eyes on him. 


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