Ripples of her light, dazzling laugh resonated in his ear, and he looked up to see her, clutching on to her slender waist, her dark raven hair falling down to her shoulders complimenting her caramel skin. Her full pink lips mesmerized him. But most of all, her twinkling chocolate brown eyes, captivated him every single time she looked at him. What she was saying was inaudible to him, he was lost in her world. Her white cotton summer dress fit her perfectly, and she looked so beautiful with her hair in the wind, sitting up there on the great Oak, the time they first met. She said she found peace here. That she was genuinely happy here. He remembered her beautiful voice,

 “I like it here. It’s so calming. Don’t you think so?”

Asking him the first time they met. He was just as mesmerized then. She had a refreshing and vibrant personality. Always happy, always seeing the bright side. 

He was broken when he met her. He came to the great Oak to feel his wretchedness. She came to the great Oak to watch the calm sunset. She was the opposite end of his spectrum. And yet, they were as if they were two pieces of one whole thing. She completed him. Healed his brokenness. In her, he found peace. He found beauty. He found life. 

“You complete me”

She said that day. He was astounded. He was broken. And yet, she finds him as a completion of her beautiful self? 

“Me?! I complete you?! 

“Yes. You make me happy.”

This simple set of words set flame to his heart. Filled him with warmth. Happiness surged through his veins. He fell in love in a way he never expected to. Her presence itself made him the happiest man on earth. 

His love for her was so dear, it burned in him everyday. She was his world. His entire universe.

“You are adorable, Cookie”

She said, laughing. 

“Come on up! The sun is almost setting!”

He remembered getting up and sitting by her warm self, while she lightly kissed him on the cheek and threw her arm around him, and rested her head on his shoulder as they watched the sun set in the distance. 

She looked up, and he remembered his lips touching hers, and he felt alive. 

“Cookie? *cough* Cookie?”

Something woke him up. It was her frail hand, holding his. He looked at her beautiful face, wrinkles making her even prettier, he thought. She had aged remarkably and yet she looked as beautiful.

“Cookie, I see the sunset now. “

She whispered. He couldn’t help but choke on his tears. He gently kissed on her frail hand. 

“I love you, beautiful”

He said, through the tears streaming down his eyes.

“You are adorable, Cookie”

She said with her beautiful twinkling laugh and her hand fell off from his. 



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