The Indo-Canadian Youtuber, Lilly Saini Singh, better know as IISuperwomanII, the youtube sensation as well as motivational speaker, singer, dancer, rapper, recently started this trend on YouTube called the #GirlLoveChallenge, which embodies a beautiful message that I thought I should put into writing because it’s something I thoroughly believe in. This hashtag brought up by Lilly is all about leaving behind the girl on girl hate which is embodied in the modern society. 

  Girl on girl hate is such a huge issue is schools, in workplaces and/or online. It’s about time we got rid of this lame trend and came together to build women up. 

Lilly points out passionately. 

Simple, post a compliment towards another woman on social media using the hashtag #GirlLoveChallenge

#GirlLoveChallenge video

  Lilly also continued to promoted her idea by having the most influential women on the internet such as Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig, Lindsey Stirling, Shay Mitchell and all the proceeds from this video would be donated to the Malala fund in support of educating girls all over the world. 

  This challenge makes me genuinely happy because this girl on girl hate has been growing on like a virus and hating on other girls have been conceived as “cool” which is definitely not. I’ve had first hand experience of girl on girl hate and it is definitely not a nice feeling. It is quite sad that girls perceive jealousy and process to translate the feeling into hate. I’ve seen girls just hate on the others on reasons like the other girl is prettier, richer, smarter or other immature materialistic views. Rather than going ahead and hating on them, just translating that into a compliment, or just not hating on another girl, could really do a huge difference.

When I was a new girl to this prestigious, international school, I was faced with alot of girl on girl hate and it was quite terrible. I fell into depression, and it made me change schools and the new school I go to, is a convent and I was quite afraid of more girl on girl hate. But to my surprise, the girls here, they were encouraging and motivating. They were inspiring and my time here was incredible. So, this gives the epitome of all Lilly works for. It is in the power of us girls in changing our own mindsets and ending this girl on girl hate, for it takes us nowhere. Empowering ourselves and supporting ourselves would help us all, and this would be a pleasant change to be protective and supportive of each other like sisters. Because after all, who understands you better than a girl herself?!

Here’s a quote from the Dhammapada I hold close to my heart,

Hate is never conquered by hate, by love alone can it be conquered. This is the eternal law. 

So let us girls, come together and promote #GirlLove and bring forth a a stronger sisterhood among women. 

And I’m incredibly thankful to Lilly for starting this trend that is so beautiful and so empowering. Let us all work towards a better world, and end hate with love. 

Now go and compliment your best girlfriend, the girl you hate, the girl online, and make a difference. 


One thought on “#GirlLove

  1. I see people have looked down on you and I feel why you may find the certain terms that people may have used to look down on you affect you so bad. I agree that the issue of women bringing other women down especially to look good or badass in front of others is a prevalent growing virus.

    Let me compliment your beautiful writing because I sincerely mean it šŸ™‚

    Your writing is beautiful and flows easy on the mind. It provides an insight to your emotions like a little window pain in an attic looking into a meadow full of blossoms. Keep doing what you do and hope you get published too.

    Hope you do this for my daughter someday if you see her being harassed online whether through a meme or through dark humour.

    All the best and blessings of the TG and blessings of God!


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