The stars glisten lightly as I gaze at them, awestruck by the subtle beauty. So calm, so radiatingly beautiful. Everyday, they would come out at night, and everyday I’d see a different beauty in them. Everyday I’d be just as captivated by their beauty like the last. I’d still be content at the core of my heart, in the middle of night, surrounded by a velvety cloak of darkness, gazing at them sparkling and smiling down at me. Always ever so beautiful.

As I look around at the darkness around me, at the beautiful, mystical moon laying her serene glow on the city that I see right before my eyes, I’d realize what keeps me awake at night.
This beauty of loneliness and tranquillity that I never get when the sunshine hits on every thing I lay my eyes on. When people bicker and honks of the mechnical giants keep pounding in your head. When people covet around you, demeaning and demanding. Demanding for love, demanding for care, demanding for pain. Ever so curious.
Yet, here in the depths of echoing quietness and forlorness, I find a warm feeling that lights up my heart and blazes like a fiery fire ball inside me. Genuine happiness. Content. Peace. No one to answer to, no one demanding for anything. Just me, and my thoughts and this beautiful sky. A peace of mind. A beautiful calming breath of life.

And yes, I am indeed an insomniac. But, in my case, I choose to be.


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